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I’m not living. I’m just killing time.

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Benedict Cumberbatch as your favorite Disney Prince. 

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Practicing archery, split an arrow, recreated an iconic Tristhad moment:



Aim for the middle…


i need to level up a few times before i get the bird

next one is braids

then the one after that is face tattoos

then bird

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Frankenstein and his monster were all about the mansecks, and my only regret is not working in more Rocky Horror references


Literature, Central Queensland University

"The Monstrous Lover: homoeroticism in Gothic fiction"

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me: hey dad my gf has a sinus infection what should i do?
my dad: hi darling i'm not up to anything im just cooking tarragon butter salmon in bacon fat for my youtube cooking show but ive also got some hearts simmering in a pan but thats just for me i think ill dip them in Worcestershire with some onions and some liver in the fridge its calf liver I know you love calf liver your sister and her boyfriend are coming over tonight so after i finish filming the salmon we're all going to eat it i hope its good i cooked it on a grid system so hopefully the bacon fat pervades all of the salmon i have been marinading it for a half hour and its almost time to take it out i have to remember not to cook in my good shirts though i dont really think that bacon grease goes with the pattern are you coming for your birthday maybe ill cook you some of the livers you should bring your girlfriend ill cook for you both ill set up the guest room do you want to stay the night do you have school the next day happy almost birthday darling
me: my gf has a sinus infection what should i do?
dad: Oh, she should fill a neti pot with salt water and use it three times a day.
me: thanks.
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Anderson Cooper takes down anti-gay host with sharp jab

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How Sweet Lolita came into existence

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Dispatchwork, Lego street art around the world by Jan Vormann.

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I’m laughing so hard the balloons in my friends house for her party set off the motion sensor alarm and the police showed up and searched the house but no one was there. we drew the dumbest faces on the balloons just imagine walking into a house thinking there’s a robber and imagehello

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Sometimes I judge people by how much of The Princess Bride they can quote. 

fun fact At my cousin’s wedding ceremony, his brother recited this to them as the best man speech and everyone started laughing and i think the bride started to cry

If this is not recited at some point during my wedding I will be greatly disappointed.

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